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Growing Pains

Welcome to 2024!

Grace in the Old Testament means ‘finding favour in the presence of God’, this means that God has an attitude of kindness towards someone, wishing to prosper them. God shows us grace even when we don’t deserve it.

My wish for you this year, is to GROW in grace. Not just in the way where you find favour in the presence of God, but where someone finds favour in your presence. When you show grace to someone (even if you think they do not deserve it), you are being more Christ like, and ultimately that should be our goal.

Not every single person in your life will be your cup of tea, and you will not be theirs, this is just a reality. My prayer for you is that you can make anyone feel that no matter what, you pray for them to win. Win in life, win in love, win in faith, win in happiness. “Why?” you may be thinking, “they don’t want me to win”. This may be true, but God does not give us grace based on what we give Him, He gives us grace despite how we may be acting out towards Him or towards others. And if God shows grace to us when we don’t deserve it, our hearts need some self-reflection to be able to do the same.

When you are a child, you experience growing pains. You are changing, your bones get bigger, your skin stretches, your nerves, veins, tendons, and muscles are all growing. Kids often complain about the aches, they are uncomfortable. Once fully grown, you reap the benefits of that growth, you see how necessary that growth was. In the same way, growing in grace is uncomfortable, and whilst you are growing you question the purpose of the growth, or the necessity of it. But, once you see the benefits of this growth spiritually and eternally you will be grateful for the journey that led to it.

May 2024 be a year filled with growth, grace, and favour. Given and received.



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