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Joy, trauma, and GOD!

Hi guys!

I'm Mandy. Welcome to my first blog post.

I can't wait to share encouragement, hope, compassion, pain, joy, and most importantly God with you all on this platform.

I am an absolute OPTIMIST. But wait, don't judge me yet... That would not be very abundantly graceful of you (btw, I stole that phrase from my nephew). While I seek JOY with every part of my heart and soul, I am aware of the trauma in life that led me to craving this 'joy high' as much as I do.

But never the less, through the trauma, through the pain, I will continue to rejoice in this GOOD life that the Lord continues to bless me with each day. And I will try to always live a joy filled, faith filled, hope filled, love filled life with PURE INTENTIONS.

Welcome to this community!

In these blogs we will embrace healthy Christian boundaries, we embrace joy, we embrace women supporting women, we embrace the moms who get it all right, we embrace the moms who get it all wrong, we embrace differences, and with both arms open wide we embrace our creator, Jesus Christ.

Stay along for the journey, it's going to be a vibe! (I feel to not cool to write that, but I'll own it).


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